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Manage & Monitor with OneView™

OneView™ is both operational as well as analytical.
If your organisation is currently using spreadsheets or macros for form inputting this is something OneView™ can assist you with, including Business Process Management (BPM) to enable multi-company, multi-platform reporting.

Get ready to access critical information at your fingertips, OneView™ combines all the capabilities of traditional Business Intelligence offerings and more: data connectivity access, data maintenance, personalised & self-service reporting  and visual analytics.

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Everywhere you go

Monitoring business performance anytime, anywhere

OneView™ can be accessed by a web browser on a traditional desktop as well as on a Tablet or Smartphone allowing users on the move to monitor business processes anytime, anywhere making better and faster decisions.

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Living in the clouds

Latest cloud technology keeps you flying high

Many companies are migrating to the cloud and already enjoying significant benefits such as lowered cost of ownership, increase deployment speed and ease of use. OneView™ displaying real time alerts when the data changes or passes thresholds supporting effective decision making.

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Real time Analytics

A live picture of your business at your fingertips

Unlike most dashboards OneView™ can extend your explicit reporting requirements from both an analytical and operational point of view allowing the end user to gain insight into analyzing multiple disparate data sources i.e. actual performance versus goal whilst operationally identifying issues and deviation from expected trends.

  • Infomatrix has been LSH’s development partner for a number of years. I have always found them to be very responsive and a client-focused company that is able to meet our demanding deadlines without compromising quality.

    Matthew St. Pier, Director - Group, Lambert Smith Hampton

    Lambert Smith Hampton

  • OneView brings together in a single dashboard all relevant market and client information on a timely basis improving cross-market and line of business dialogue

    Paul Snadden, Principal, Mercer



What is Puttylytics?

Puttylytics is the flexible, user powered reporting solution that is provided by our product OneView™.

What are the main benefits of using OneView™

OneView™ is a Business Solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources onto a single screen. Providing you with OneView™ of your company’s performance. No more multiple versions of the truth, with OneView™ your company is empowered to monitor and visualise key dashboard metrics easily and in real-time.

What types of businesses use OneView™?

We believe all sizes of businesses should be able to gain insights from any size of data. That’s why OneView™ is designed to be small company-friendly with affordable pricing. Every industry has a requirement to visualise KPI’s and metrics, with OneView™ you have the potential for a live picture at your fingertips – essential for good decision-making

How can we supply so much for so little?

For the cost of consultancy with some larger Business Intelligence companies we can implement a bespoke application based explicitly on your business requirements yielding an excellent ROI.

Can OneView™ be customised?

Yes, we can incorporate workflow and case management to our dashboards in line with your explicit requirements.

Will OneView™ work on my iPad/iPhone/Android/Blackberry?

Yes you can access real-time data anywhere, anytime, via browser or smartphone device. Reduces dependence on the IT department and allows for fast, accurate decision making.

Why is OneView™ Dashboard unique?

Unlike most Business Intelligence Dashboards OneView™ can extend your explicit financial reporting requirements with operational processes that focuses on monitoring rather than analyzing information. It is also a tactical dashboard which can help with departmental processes and projects as well as a strategic dashboard also known as scorecards which manages and monitors specific objectives.

How much does OneView™ cost and what pricing plans can you offer me?

Small to midsize businesses can take advantage of user-based licensing with the pricing based on the number of users and the cost per user goes down as the number of users go up. Larger organisations can leverage server based licensing for enterprise deployments. OneView™ easily scales up by adding additional user or server licenses as growth and performance requirements dictate.